March 23, 2023

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1 Never Use Poor-Quality Flowers

Thinking that any kind of weed will do for the edibles is deeply wrong. You need to hand-pick the weed you’ll use in cooking as thoroughly as you would for smoking. Low-quality buds may be contaminated or contain the wrong balance of THC and CBD, thus betraying your expectations for the weed effect.

2 Don’t Use Raw Weed

Throwing a bud or two into your bowl with cookie components won’t work. If you learned chemistry well, you know that cannabis should be heated properly for the THCA and CBDA (acidic forms of cannabinoids) to transform into THC and CBD. Only the latter chemical formulation can give you the desired effects of being high or relaxed. Process the weed correctly to enjoy the whole spectrum of sensations from it.

3 Go the Extra Mile to Choose the Right Strain

It’s critical to research the effects and potential side effects of weed strains and hand-pick the one you need before setting on the cooking adventure. Strains differ widely, and if you plan a jolly part with canna cookies, you’ll definitely want to avoid marijuana strains with couch-locking effects. Here are a couple of suggestions.

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