The Hosts

Meet Our Hosts!

Cloud Talk Radio is hosted by a handful of cloud computing and business experts with extensive experience in the field.


Robert J. Chandler radio host
Robert J. Chandler
President & CEO, Cloud9 Real Time

Robert J. Chandler is the President/CEO at Cloud9 Real Time, an application hosting company and licensed QuickBooks host that helps companies adapt to doing business “in the Cloud.” Robert began his career as an accountant in 1995. Robert received the CPA Practice Advisor Magazine Award in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Robert is the author of the recently published book “Together in the Cloud”, an informative “How To” guide that offers readers insight into how businesses can implement and utilize Cloud technologies in order to bridge the gap between users, applications and IT. Robert is regularly interviewed on the topic of Cloud Computing for SMBs.

Keith Eneix Fannit CEO radio host
Keith Eneix
Co-Founder & Senior Partner, Fannit

Keith started Fannit with his brother Neil where he still works as the CEO and marketing manager. He spends most of his time developing and improving online marketing systems. Occasionally, you’ll probably catch him playing a game of Ping Pong at the office with the other Fannit guys.